Young Adults

The Young Adults Group offers spiritual fellowship and service opportunities for those between the ages of 18-39.

Meetings are usually held once a month and run from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. There are also periodic special events, excursions, and spiritual retreats to enjoy. Announcements about our upcoming meetings and events are sent out via email.  

The group’s purpose is:

  1. To provide an environment of fellowship for the disciples and friends of Paramahansa Yogananda
  2. To create a gathering where young adults can share and express the triumphs and struggles of a spiritually inspired life.
  3. To provide a sense of community and understanding for those engaged in seeking life’s noblest pursuits.
  4. To cultivate an environment where each of us can accelerate our spiritual growth.

Young Adults Group meetings begin and end with a short meditation and cover a wide spectrum of spiritual topics. We also share lunch together and have ample time to connect with new spiritual friends, while at the same time, cultivating our own deep, personal, living relationship with God.

Our group email contact is:

Young Adults Lake Shrine Spiritual Retreat 2016


On Sept 30-Oct 2, 60 young adults from 7 different cities came together at Lake Shrine for a Spiritual Retreat weekend of fellowship, meditation, satsanga with Brother Satyananda, kirtan, and delicious food. 

There were 10 YA devotees from Berkeley Temple. These Berkeley Temple YA devotees were able to attend due to a generous offering of financial support that the Managing Council allocated to the group, helping to cover travel expenses, lodging and food for the YA group.



Many of the young adults reported how refreshing and inspiring it was to spend time with those of their generation who shared the same spiritual path. They hope to continue this Spiritual Retreat weekend at Lake Shrine in the years to come, uniting and including young adult devotees from different cities, states and even internationally!

The Berkeley Temple devotees who attended the retreat offer their experiences and gratitude to the temple Managing Council for the support given to them. Here is the letter of gratitude.

Days of Service 

Each month the Temple has a Day of Service during which various housekeeping and maintenance projects are done at the Temple. Everyone is welcome to participate and no special skills are required.

The informal atmosphere of a “work party” provides an opportunity to work side by side to serve Paramahansa Yogananda’s work.  

The day begins at 9:30 am with a 30 minute meditation in the chapel.  

At 10:00 am work begins on the various needed projects and continues until 12:45 pm.  

The concludes with a delicious vegetarian lunch is served at 1:00 pm.
Beginning in May temple prepared lunches are resuming. 

2022  Saturdays:

February 12  |  March 12  |   April 9  |  May 21  |  June 18  |  July 23

Temple Committees / Volunteer Opportunities

A core of dedicated volunteer lay members from our Temple congregation provides ongoing support for all the operations and activities at the Bay Area Temple Temple.

Please consult the Temple Calendar for upcoming Temple Committee Meetings.

Read a beautiful letter sent to devotees serving at temples by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1951. 

Our Committees

goldl_lotus bullet_+Temple Managing Council is composed of a number of committee chairpersons who give input on activities and the schedule of events at the Bay Area Temple Temple under the direction of the minister-in-charge.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Volunteer Coordinating Committee oversees volunteer outreach and coordinates with various committee leaders placement of incoming new volunteers.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Maintenance Committee provides upkeep and repair of the Temple.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Service Committee oversees our public services. Subcommittees include: Service and Meditation Leaders and Service Readers, Ushers, Commemorative Services, Organists, Kirtan Group, and Flowers.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Special Events Committee organizes social activities and events at the Temple such as Picnics, India Night, our Thanksgiving Potluck, and the Temple Christmas Party.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Book Room Committee handles the inventory and retail sales of SRF Publications at the Temple.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Damian's wifeOutreach Committee welcomes visitors and provides support to those in need. Subcommittees include: Greeters, Prayer Council, along with Food and Clothing drives for the Bay Area.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Information Committee manages the Temple’s public information via our website, weekly announcements, event fliers, and the Information Table.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Sunday School Committee supports volunteer teachers who staff our Sunday School and Teen Group.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Young Adults Group coordinates activities and events for Bay Area Temple Temple for members ages 18 – 39.


Volunteer Sign Up Form

If you are interested in serving at the Bay Area Temple, please complete our online Volunteer Sign Up form.