Young Adults Lake Shrine Retreat 2016


Expressions of gratitude from Berkeley Temple devotees

To the Berkeley Temple Managing Council,

 Thank you kindly for your strong support for the YA retreat at Lake Shrine. We had over 60 participants from 7 different cities. We forged fellowship that will last a lifetime and will serve as a well of peace for our world. Since the retreat, YA attendance has increased in all participating temples. There was a large showing from Berkeley Temple due to your kind support. Thank you for helping to make this all possible.

 In Divine Friendship,


Dear Berkeley Temple Managing Council,

 Thank you so much for your generosity in funding us to go to the Lake Shrine Young Adult Retreat this past October. I was not able to make it to Convocation this year, and it really meant a lot to be able to fill up my cup of devotion in another equally beautiful setting and be with my spiritual family.

Jai Guru,


BT Managing Council,

Thank you for supporting the young adults at Berkeley temple!



BT Managing Council,

Thank you very much for supporting us financially to take this trip. Not only is your support financial, but spiritual, as it allowed me personally to have some very valuable spiritual growth and experiences. I truly appreciate the gesture and action to support us in this way




 An enormous note of gratitude and love to the YA Lake Shrine and Berkeley Managing Council for making all of this possible. As the phrase says, “there are no others.” My deep hope that we always proceed like this in retreats and in our daily lives.

 Much love and thanks to you all,


Berkeley Temple Managing Council,

 Our weekend at the YA Lake Shrine retreat was amazing. TO connect with other devotes truly magnified my dedication and faith and gave my heart such joy. I am forever thanksful for the opportunity to be at this retreat and thank you so much for supporting us in this wonderful fellowship and devotional activity.

Many blessings,