Sunday School Classes Will Resume in Early 2023

Classes will be held only on Minister Sundays for the 1st quarter of 2023

Sunday School

Introductory Class 10:45 a.m.   |   Class 11:00 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m.

The Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday School at the Bay Area Temple is open to all children of SRF members 3 to 12 years old interested in learning about the SRF teachings.

Children are guided to develop the “How-to-Live” principles of Paramahansa Yogananda and taught to experience for themselves the value of meditation and having a personal relationship with God. Children also learn about the lives and teachings of the Self-Realization Fellowship line of Gurus. All classes are led by lay SRF members.

Lessons are interesting, age-appropriate, and relevant to the children’s daily lives. Note to parents: Please escort your children to their classroom and pick them up after class.



goldl_lotus bullet_+Preschool Class Girls and Boys — Ages 3 – 7

goldl_lotus bullet_+Primary Girls and Boys — Ages 8 – 12



Sunday School Format

goldl_lotus bullet_+Introductory Class — Children and Parents are welcomed to the Sunday School. The children are engaged in a pre-service activity (craft, game, etc.) creating a sense of unity and loving exchange and are given an introduction to the lesson of the class. Children are welcomed to their Sunday School class by the teachers, and work on an activity (craft, game, etc.) that sets the tone for the class lesson.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Energization Exercises — The children practice the method of energy control taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Meditation — Meditation begins with an opening prayer followed by a short period of devotional chanting. Children learn to still their minds and bodies and turn their awareness inward towards God. They frequently practice an affirmation that relates to the topic of the class.  The meditation closes with a prayer. The length of the meditation period is determined by the ages of the children.

goldl_lotus bullet_+The Lesson — Each class focuses on a spiritual theme, such as kindness, stillness, courage, evenmindedness. Teachers use storytelling, crafts, object lessons, puppets, role plays, discussion, and service projects to convey the lesson.

goldl_lotus bullet_+Closing Prayer — Sunday School class ends with a prayer and a moment of silence.

Teen Group

Teen Group meetings are cancelled until further notice

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Minister Sundays

Bay Area Temple Teen Group provides an atmosphere of support and fellowship for teens 13 to 18 years old. Meetings are held at the Berkeley Temple twice a month, on Minister Sundays, and include practice of the Energization Exercises, prayer, devotional chanting, and meditation.

Group discussions offer teens an opportunity to reflect upon and apply Paramahansa Yogananda’s “How-to-Live” principles in their daily lives and share with other spiritually-oriented teens how the SRF teachings help meet the challenges of being a teenager in today’s world.

The Teen group is guided by SRF lay members. In addition to Sunday classes, the Teen Group sponsors fellowship events, retreats, pilgrimages, service opportunities, including assisting younger children in Sunday School and satsangas with the Minister.

Please consult the Temple Calendar for meeting dates.

SRF Mother Center Youth Programs

New Series of SRF Online How-to-Live Classes for Children and Teens

“Building Joy-Filled Spiritual Friendships”

December 3, 2022 – May 27, 2023
The first session of ongoing live, interactive classes conducted via Zoom begins December 3 and extends into the spring (see details about class schedule and structure below). You can register a child or teen below. Registration is ongoing, and will extend beyond the start date for this series of classes.

Online Youth Program Youth: Journey to Lake Shrine Video Series

From the SRF Mother Center

We are happy to present an online experience especially for youth: “Journey to Lake Shrine.” This five-part video series was created by SRF’s Youth Services Department in light of our in-person youth programs currently being on hold due to the pandemic, and as a way to connect youth around the world in an ever-greater bond of joyful spirituality and supportive fellowship.

Each of the five episodes in the “Journey to Lake Shrine” series is structured as a day of learning and fun, similar to a day at an in-person youth program.

Though created especially for youth, this special video series can be enjoyed by all ages. Look for further installments in upcoming weeks!

“Journey to Lake Shrine” includes:

  • stories about Paramahansa Yogananda and the Lake Shrine’s early days
  • information about Lake Shrine’s wildlife, unique buildings, and special features
  • short guided meditations led by monastics and affirmation practices to help youth easily and effectively apply “how-to-live” principles.

How-to-Live School Youth Programs

Summer Day Programs for Youth and Teens


Girls’ Program

Future Dates to be Announced







Boys’ Program

Future Dates to be Announced